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Bishin LAB offer you to have pleasant ZEN moment with a cup of matcha in a simple way.

Our selections for Matcha time are all high quality made in Japan.


  • For Japan fans
  • For Zen moment
  • For Matcha lover


Enjoy pleasant ZEN moment throughout matcha time in your daily life.

Matcha is made from 100% tea leaf, so that it is Beauty and Healthy drink.


■ For Japan fans

All items from BishinLAB are made by Japanese craftsmen.

Get our items also means enjoy traditional Japanese cultures over 1000 years.

Traveling Zen Matcha Box contain as below:

Paulownia Wood Box by Box Master KIRIKOUGYO

Tea bowl by Pottery Artist TORAKU  

Tea whisk by Whisk Maker KYOSUKE KUBO

small paulownia  box with 10 matcha sticks 

small paoulownia photo stand

Furoshiki & petit Tenugui by Kyoto Shibori dyeing Maker TABATA SHIBORI



Japanese Masters of Traditional Craftmanship

Pottery Artist TorakuⅢKiyomizu Kyoto

As a Certified Traditional Craftsman, Mr.TorakuⅢ is succeeding skills of delicate and graceful Kyo-Mishima style. His family kiln is well known and highly appreciated for generations.

Whisk Maker KYOSUKE KUBO: Takayama, Nara

From 14th Cent, the skill of making Chasen(tea whisk)has been passed on in the area of Takayama, Nara. Mr.Kubo is a Certified Traditional Craftsman, his chasen whisk is know for incomparable quality. He also serves as a chairman of Takayama Chasen Producer’s committee.

Tatami Weaver KOMORIYA TATAMI STORE: Ebisu Tokyo

Keeping traditional craftsmanship in the middle of Tokyo, making various goods using Tatami, made by strictly materials domestically found in Japan.

Box Master KIRIKOGYO: Fuchu Hiroshima

Established in 1915. Focused solely on perfecting and producing paulownia wood boxes. They have been producing for Imperial Family and boxes to store National Treasures in well-known temples all over Japan.

Tea Blender YAMAMASA KOYAMAEN: Uji Kyoto

Since 1861, as a successor of accomplished skill of blending tea, they have been trusted by and serving Tea Master Families for centuries and also many samurai-families in the Edo period.

Kyo Shibori dyeing Maker TABATA SHIBORI: Kyoto Kyoto

Japanese shibori has been practiced for more than one thousand and three hundred years in Japan. We have arranged sophisticated Shibori techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation into cotton fabrics which arrow us to enjoy them in our daily life.  

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Traveling Zen Matcha Box *it will come with instructions in English on how to prepare a cup of Matcha.

Tatami items etc...


For Zen moment

A way of making a cup of matcha is one of practicing Zen moment “ here and now” . Zen monk use this for years and still do these days. In other words, the time for making matcha is a mindful moment.

Traveling Zen matcha box will allow you to make a cup of matcha very simple step, so that you can do it easily in a minutes. Online lessons are also available. Please feel free to ask it .

*it will come with instructions in English on how to prepare a cup of Matcha.

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Traveling Zen Matcha Box *it will come with instructions in English on how to prepare a cup of Matcha.

Online lesson(Japanse & English only)


 ■For matcha lover

Our matcha comes from Kyoto Uji. Our matcha are made only from hand-picked first flushes. And also it is finished up by grinded with a millstone only. Our matcha is 100% natural tea leaf (No additives), so very good for your beauty & health. Our “Oh! Matcha IPPUKU” is individually wrapped, so you could enjoy fresh flavor every time you use it. And since portable, it is possible to enjoy a cup of match anytime & anywhere you like.


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Matcha sticks 10 

Traveling Zen Matcha Box *it will come with instructions in English on how to prepare a cup of Matcha.



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